Tallulah Gorge State Park

We went for a 2.5-mile hike at Tallulah Gorge State Park today – a 1000-foot deep 2-mile long gorge.

We chose a trail down some stairs to the suspension bridge deep in the gorge. Note the sign on the stairway “N5” – each of platforms is numbered as you go down so this one is the 5th platform on the North rim. How many stairs? 530 .. slowly:

Aching thigh muscles by now. The suspension bridge which jiggled and swayed a little bit with every person’s step:

Time to climb the stairs on the other side – 347 steps! The platform numbers now start with an S and go from high to low. At least you got a sense of success and the numbers dropped to zero at the top. There were lots of benches along the way to rest. And we rested a lot.

We walked the South Rim trail back to the start. Nice and flat. Whew!

We crossed the river again along a roadway near the dam.

On the drive home, we stopped to see a local attraction, Goats on the Roof:

And finally, the view from a scenic overlook:

I am going to have some VERY sore leg muscles tomorrow! OMG

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