Walnut Creek Trail

We drove to Poole Rd Park, about midway on the Neuse River Trail. It was a short ride to the intersection with the Walnut Creek Trail.

Back under the bridge we just rode over.

Lots of boardwalks over wetlands. The longest was almost 0.4 miles long.

We rode under the bank of pinkish-white trees in the background. The blossoms were falling and the scent was wonderful.

After a short stretch on Little John Rd and Rose Ln, the trail restarted and changed to a narrow uneven boardwalk with sharp odd turns. Not an ideal surface to ride on!

We slowed way down to let these two families with 8 small children move at their own pace down the trail until they decided to move over to the side.

Our destination was the State Farmers Market – 75 acres with 210,000 sq ft of covered space for local farmers to sell their goods 365 days/year.

We had lunch at the on-site restaurant:

I decided to not go big, just a BLT. Then the free appetizers came: warm biscuits/butter/jam and hush puppies.

The excellent BLT came with hot seasoned salty fries:

Billie decided on a vegetable plate with four items – crowder peas, limas and corn, coleslaw, and fried green tomatoes (the “most scrumptious” she’s ever had):

And finally the complimentary (small, thankfully) banana pudding dessert. Back on the bikes to ride back.

23 miles roundtrip. And we might not have to eat dinner tonight.

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