Gathering walnuts

This is when you know you have really good friends. They are willing to get dirty and work hard to rake, scoop, and bag LOTS of walnuts on the ground. Justin had the trees shaken about a week ago and they’ve been drying in the sun and wind. Justin wanted to water one last time before the fall rains begin. No time to delay. Yesterday, Merrilyn helped – we got 40 grocery bags-ful. Today, Lucy helped – 48 bags + some sore muscles.

My garage floor:

And there are still 20 bags at Justin’s. Big thanks to Merrilyn and Lucy.

Another bonus, Lucy and Justin got to visit for a while! While we gathered walnuts, Justin was loading hay into the covered area behind Lucy, which used to provide shade for the pigs. These last 3 pigs will be butchered next week; temps have cooled so shade is no longer necessary.

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