Bike ride

This morning Lorraine and I met Lucy for a bike ride on the Jackrabbit Trail.


Lorraine is the person who makes the beautiful cards – some of you have received cards made by her!


Carson really likes the cream cheese & crackers Sophia makes for him.

I told Avery a while back that when I was in 6th grade at Westside Elementary, I was able to ride all the way home from school without hands – about 1 mile, 1 right turn, 1 left turn. He started practicing and today shared how good he’s gotten. He went all the way around the block.

Riding with no hands was always a BIG no-no when I taught Project Ride Smart. Nevertheless, it’s a great skill to have and fun.

Art Trail

As part of a Brighter Day Better Way campaign, Jibe installed 34 pieces of art by 16 artists, most of them local to N Natomas, along Jackrabbit Trail. A mural along the walls of California Family Fitness will be permanent.

The murals are printed on vinyl and will be taken down on July 31.