Wide Open Walls murals tour

I went on the best bike ride today with Bill Leddy and his sister Julie Kaye.

I know Bill from SABA, Julie is the volunteer coordinator for Wide Open Walls. There are over 700 murals in Sacramento, Wide Open Walls has curated 100 of them. For several years, for 2 weeks in August, muralists are invited from all over the world to complete a project. Julie knows a lot about all the murals and the artists. She designed a 6.5-mile bike route which visits 48 murals by 59 artists for Week 4 of May is Bike Month. We started at the California Auto Museum. On the south wall:

Each letter was painted by a different artist. The i’s were painted by twin sisters.

and so many more. And almost every stop came with a good story. I spotted this in a tree just before I headed back to the starting point where I’d parked my car:

Good deed

One of my neighbors, Ray Krause, was given a bike which he refurbished. Ray brought the bike to my house on the same day, another neighbor, Mary Kit, contacted me to find out if there were any bikes for sale within our community. I keep a list of Bikes for Sale/Bike Wanted. Mary’s sister, Bonnie, recently moved in with her and she wanted a bike. A perfect match and FREE! – all in one day.

And I don’t have another bike in my garage.

Rider down

As Pete and I were coming down San Juan Rd from a bike ride, I looked across the street and happened to see a girl fall off her bicycle as she rounded a corner. Her brother was ahead of her. I rode over to see if I could help. A lesson for doing a “personal safety check” before going for a ride (top down): helmet, loose clothing, right pant leg rolled up and, in this case, … shoelaces!

Properly tied:

Nice kids for sure.

Mother’s Day

The first present. Avery wanted to show me his extra-large fort upstairs where he plays video games. I was invited inside.

Breakfast from Orphan’s (the Platas Verdes was great) and fun with everyone.

Michael Riegel Bike Ride

Michael Riegel is an artist with installations in various parts of Sacramento. Riding to each of these 4 pieces is a 24 mile loop, but we ended up riding more miles. This loop is the ride being promoted by SABA during week 3 of May is Bike Month. Pete was a good sport and let me take his picture in front of all of them. Others who do this ride will post their selfies to social media.

6th & Q Streets

Transitions in Growth
915 Del Paso Blvd

Empower the Mind
3725 Marysville Blvd

The Bicyclist
N Natomas Regional Park

28 miles! It was hot by noon and I was tired. Nevertheless … girl power!

Water balloons

I’ve been working on a project for SABA – an online toolkit “Successful Bicycling at Home with Kids.” Sophia, Avery and Carson have been the subjects of all my photos. Today’s photo session: