Amsterdam – day 3

Yesterday, we were helped by a University of Amsterdam student (from New Mexico) to figure out how to pay for our public transportation. He suggested we explore east Amsterdam, a short walk from our hotel. No sign of tourists here. We found a market with stalls that sold everything imaginable.
Even fabric.
Oostpoort (“east gate”) shopping area.
We stopped for some hot chocolate. Much of the outdoor bench seating comes with pillows and blankets to cover up with if needed.
We walked back through Oostpark.

On our way to dinner, as we passed a very busy student area at the university, there was the biggest concentration of bicycles I’ve seen yet.
We ate at De Pizzabakkers. It was a good thing we went early, you need a reservation after 5:30 or so.
And you can order champagne to go with your pizza! Very delicious pizza too!

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