Everyone was pretty much off the boat by 9 am. Reasonable since the next load of passengers would be boarding in just 6 hours.
Those of us who had extended their stay in Amsterdam were transported to our hotel.
Typical traffic scenes. The reddish areas are for bicycles, skateboards, and Vespas (pedestrians take their life in their hands if you dare to set foot in this area). There is also a car parked on the sidewalk, a lane for buses/cars and tram tracks using the lanes. Everyone moves at breakneck speed.
There is no jay-walking (way too dangerous), pedestrians use only the zebras (ZEB-ruhs, ZEB rhymes with Deb, aka crosswalks). There are green/red lights for bicycles, another for pedestrians. If it green walk signal starts blinking, hurry up!
We took a walking tour in the morning. Houseboats along the canals are a popular place to live and very expensive.
This memorial stands at the site where the Nazis forced Amsterdam citizens to watch members of the Resistance get shot.
The National Gallery:

In the afternoon, we went on A Taste of Amsterdam tour and used the tram and subway system.
Our first stop was for tiny little pancakes cooked in a special cast-iron pan.
Then a cheese tasting.
Finally a tasting of flavored gins (jenever). The tiny glass is filled to the very top, the proper way to begin is to slurp the first taste.
The width of the reddish house with the green arbor around the door is almost 5 feet – the narrowest house on the Canal Ring. It is occupied by a single woman. In the past, property taxes were assessed based on the width.
Back to the hotel during rush hour.

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