50 Bikes for 50 Kids

Last Thursday, it was raining all day and I was feeling experimental. So I posted to the local Four Seasons Google group a message for a Pop-up Bakery/Fundraiser for 50 Bikes for 50 Kids:

Be one of the first two people to respond to this email and pledge a $20 (or more) donation to 50 Bikes for 50 Kids and this delicious home-baked yeast bread is YOURS, delivered to your door at about 4 pm (or later if you prefer). The bread was Prosciutto-Provolone Stuffed Focaccia:

It was successful but not in the way I expected. No one accepted the offer of bread … why? But I did receive donations; I matched the highest donor and sent $160 to Jibe for 50 Bikes for 50 Kids.

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