Dinner and a movie

Adrienne and I went to the movies again. This was a really good movie:Afterwards we went to the next door Tower Cafe.

Because it was Tuesday, they were serving “breakfast for dinner” and had a Madame Cristo (aka Croque Madame) on the menu. It was SOOOO good!

ELPAC training

English Language Proficiency Assessment for California. Today there was a training. School will start in a few days. Teams of retired teachers will be testing students entering the school system for the first time – mostly kindergarteners.

Sophia and Avery

Thursday. We’ve been seeing a lot of commercials on tv promoting the movie Christopher Robin along with a simple recipe for Hundred Acre Honey Bark.Ready for a 4-hour wait in the freezer:Later in the day, they played cats. Avery was a cougar, which he explained is a kind of mountain lion.
Friday. I was very curious how much of the Hundred Acre Honey Bark was left. I was hoping to get a taste. So I checked the freezer right away. Oh … not that good. LOL!
A mysterious white shape moved silently along the floor

Giants game

With Adrienne. We drove to Vallejo and took the ferry to ATT Park – about an hour’s ride.The ferry docks right at the park.We had great seats!The last out. Giants won, 3-1.Ahead is McCovey Cove, a popular place to hang out during a Giants game, hoping to catch a home run ball.From Vallejo, it was about an hour’s drive home. Fun day!

Thursday at Merrilyn’s

On Tuesday. The first time I tried to make pastry using my Cuisenart, it didn’t turn out at all. So I asked Merrilyn for a lesson today. Super-prepared as she is, all the ingredients were measured out and chilled as needed. Pulse 3 times. Check out the small jar FILLED with a variety of measuring spoons! Tool envy.Pour cold water in a steady stream while Cuisenart runs.Stop! as soon as a ball begins to form and dump it onto plastic wrap. Divide in half and wrap each separately, let rest at least 30 minutes before using! Wa-lah! Two double-crust pastry doughs (doughs?) in about 20 minutes! Thank you, Merrilyn!Today’s beverage #1: Captain Morgan Loco Nut (coconut rum) and pineapple juice. Delicious!While we made the pastry, A Tomato Tart baked, followed by Gougeres.Always fun! We miss you Phyl!

Sophia and Avery – Friday

Lala watched the kids, along with cousin Leo, in the morning. I arrived in the afternoon. We went swimming where I live.
Racing on the fat noodles:
There was another boy at the pool with his grandpa, Cody, about 4 years old. He tried out the fat noodle and really liked it (I think his grandpa is going to buy one). When Sophia and Avery started playing with the rings, he inched closer until he was able to catch them for me. A bit later, I suggested he try throwing them. He like that! He would throw and start shouting “Over there! Over there!” Sophia and Avery swam after every ring for the longest time.
A post-swim stop at Starbucks for frappuccinos before heading home, and then some sliding down the stairs after Mom got home.“Do they behave like this when they’re with you?”
No 🙂