Painting project

I was so happy when Justin said I could paint the walnut trees. In my old parking space, Justin’s latest tractor project. It looked like it needed a lot of work but there were some bright red parts. It started right up!My first painting memory, in my early teens, was when I really really wanted to paint the chicken house windows for my dad. I begged him to do it, he finally relented. He set me up and I painted away. His evaluation, “Arlete, you were supposed to put most of the paint on the wood, not the glass.”

56 years later, Justin mixing my first batch of half water-half paint:

Demonstrating how to do the job:So after the first tree, I had to know if I was being too sloppy (more paint on the ground vs paint on the tree?). Justin’s answer, “You’re not being sloppy enough.” OMG – thank you!



Two hours later,done!:Fun!

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