Old dog, new trick

It all started in late February when Tim and Maria spent the night and I took them to the airport the next morning. Maria brought some already-made yogurt parfaits from the grocery store for breakfast. I do NOT like yogurt and NEVER eat it, but she brought three of them, and I’m not one to waste food. I took mine to work the. By mid-morning, I figured I’d probably be so hungry, I’d eat anything. Surprisingly, it was really good. Really good and I bought more. One day, Adrienne noticed, “But you hate yogurt.” An old dog did learn a new trick. A month after that first taste, I’m now making my own:

One thought on “Old dog, new trick

  1. Arlete made one of her yogurt parfaits for me this afternoon. It was delicious! I now have a few items added to my grocery list, so I can make my own.

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