Walking without Phyl

In the past 24 days, Phyl and I have walked 3.5-4.5 miles sixteen mornings – at sunup usually because it’s been so hot. This morning, Phyl had something else to do so I was on my own. How to change things up a bit? Hmmm .. carry water in an insulated cup.

Del Paso Road

The star thistle really encroach on the sidewalk in this section.At 2.8 miles, I hit the pause button and stood in line for 15 minutes. This has to be one of the busiest Starbuck’s anywhere and no drive-through.

Arena Blvd & Duckhorn Dr

Unpause. This multi-use trail winds along a canal for about a mile, from Arena Blvd to Del Paso Road.

Natomas Central Drive

The trail comes to a lake with two names. On maps, it’s called Fisherman’s Lake (no fishing allowed) but the signs say Westshore Lake. Heritage Westshore (where I live) is on the other side of the lake in this photo:Most of the walk around the lake is open to the public, until you come to Heritage Westshore, then you need the gate code. It’s curvier in this sectionwith great glimpses into back yards.Almost home.6 miles. This could become my standard non-Phyl walk.

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