Bike Ride #1 to Stuart

We started early to take advantage of cool early morning temperatures. Little Mud Creek:dsc04151dsc04152Road A1A:dsc04153Indian River aka Intra Coastal Waterway to the west:dsc04154The only climbing we did were tall bridges which connect Hutchinson Island with the mainland:dsc04155View from the top:dsc04156dsc04159dsc04160dsc04164Ahead, the third and final bridge of the day:dsc04163Miles = 47. Yes, I was exhausted.

Barbour’s and Archie’s

On our first day, we got fresh vegetable and fruits from Billie’s favorite farm stand, Barbour’s.dsc04145dsc04146Today we walked a couple of miles in the morning around the Ocean Village grounds. In the late afternoon, we walked another 2 miles up to Archie’s.dsc04148A pretty good band was playing in the back of Archie’s. Diners who preferred less-loud music stayed inside or on the street side of the building. Hurray for modern-day dance floor standards! There was one guy one time on the dance floor, the rest were women having lots of fun.dsc04149A simple game to amuse customers. Let go of the ring at the right spot and speed and try to catch it on a hook on the post.dsc04150

Ocean Village

We are staying at the same place we stayed at last year.dsc04138Lots of different styles of condos from high-risesdsc04139to golf course duplexes.dsc04140There are lots of bike racks with not a single locked bikedsc04141although some have a warning label.dsc04144Our condo is in a “low-rise” and on the first floor – much easier to get the bikes inside.dsc04142

Troll cookies

Last week, I had to go to Joann’s after Sophia’s soccer practice. I am a total weakling when it comes to buying crafts for them to make. Sophia chose a gingerbread house made from foam pieces. Avery chose sugar cookies decorated with trolls. Today after school we made the cookies.dsc04122Sophia took everything out of the box – which made 10 cookies, but there were 12 edible decals. “Grandma, can I eat one? There are two extra.” Maybe break off a piece of the decal and see how it tastes. It tasted liked frosting and one decal disappeared.dsc04124Sophia was so much help. She knew where everything was in the kitchen.dsc04126Sophia thought Avery’s choice of a craft from Joann’s was perfect because she actually got to do it.dsc04127Avery had been absorbed in the iPad, but did show up when it was time to frost and decorate the cookies.dsc04128He frosted one, decorated it, ate it, and left. Sophia described it as “One. And done.”dsc04129A very successful project.dsc04130