Bike ride #4

Or … how to mess up a perfectly good vacation.

Our goal was to drive north, over two bridges, to the next barrier island and then do a 30-mile round-trip ride to McKee Botanical Garden to see Nature Connects: Art with Lego Bricks. We parked at a boat launch. dsc04227The National Navy SEAL Museum:dsc04229A rest stop at Avalon Beach:dsc04230dsc04233Back on the road, I turned to read a sign, got too close to the right edge of the roadway, slipped over the edge, and went down. Hard. Really hard. A construction worker, Justin, rushed over. He lifted the bike off me, got my phone, and called Billie who was ahead of me. A pickup truck stopped to see if I needed help. No, I didn’t want an ambulance. But I also couldn’t put any weight on my left leg and couldn’t move my left arm. Mike and Susan in the pickup loaded my bike in the back, Justin helped me walk to the truck and into the cab, and we drove back to where Billie’s vehicle was parked. Billie rode back on her bike. With help, I made it to bed where Nurse Billie brought me ice packs, ibuprofen, and went out to get a heating pad. We made a deal that if I wasn’t feeling better by Monday, I would go to a local doctor. Crap!

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