Willie C Reagan

We drove to the art studio and home of Highwayman Willie Reagan today, located in Vero Beach.dsc04207This studio entrance didn’t work so we went to the front door. Willie gave us a tour of the art in the living areas. Note that the painting extends onto the crown molding frame, made by Willie. He called it his panorama style and told the rest of the Highwaymen that was his unique feature and they weren’t allowed to copy it.dsc04208This one especially painted for his wife Don:dsc04209In the upstairs studio, there was a big selection of his paintings. One of these paintings was purchased for $75 – he bought it back for $1000 to the delight of the elderly woman who owned it. dsc04212Willie and wife Don:dsc04213We each bought one of his giclees.dsc04219dsc04216This was a very special day. Willie and Don were so gracious and welcoming.

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