Yosemite – day 2

Yosemite is very crowded all the time, but summer is the busiest. The earlier you get started the better. First stop, Bridalveil Fall.DSC01781Riding bicycles turned out to be the best way to get around on the valley floor – lots of paved paths – and parts of the park are closed to general traffic, only the shuttle bus, bicycles and pedestrians are allowed. Sweet.DSC01785The Merced River:DSC01788Next stop, the Mist Trail to Vernal Fall. The trail was only 0.8 mile but all uphill, therefore slow.DSC01792DSC01812DSC01806Ample bike parking.DSC01815The upper pool of Mirror Lake:DSC01823Formerly known as the Ahwanee Hotel, it’s now called the Majestic Yosemite Hotel.DSC01827The dining room:DSC01830Beauty is everywhere.DSC01797Yosemite Falls in the distance.DSC01796It was a hot day – the 90s in the park, 104 in Mariposa. Ice cream from the Sweet Shop was a very good idea.DSC01834Lots of biking, hiking, and sweating – a good night’s sleep was assured.

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