Ride #3

We drove to Thais’ house,DSC00857
missed the train by ONE minute, had coffee at Steamer’s in Old Sac,
and caught the next train
to Davis – the Bicycle Capital of the USA, where 20-25% of all trips are taken by bike.DSC00860
We rode the Davis Loop, a 12-mile route around the town connecting all schools, from elementary to college. Back in Sac, we had (just one) beer at Crawdad’s, a bar on the Sacramento River.
Miles = 28

Ride #2

We drove to Phyl’s house and parked, then rode to Midtown Sacramento. Approaching Robla on the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail:DSC00843
It was only 8 miles from Rio Linda to the Starbuck’s/Noah’s Bagels at 19th/K Sts.DSC00848
The guy behind the counter at Noah’s looked so familiar, I had to ask where he went for elementary and junior high school. A big smile came over his face … I was his teacher at Westside Charter School. James McMillon is now the manager of this Noah’s location and is involved in local theater doing all sorts of different jobs, including acting. Cool!
Billie and I took a different route home, this time on the E Levee Road, but we still didn’t get enough miles so I showed her the bike trails around Rio Linda. The Barn Trail Quilt project on the Depot Building near the Rio Linda-Elverta Community Center.DSC00849
We rode the the Sac Northern trail to its end at Elverta Road, then the Dry Creek Parkway trail from Dry Creek Road to its end at U Street.DSC00850
Miles = 33.

Ride #1

E Nicolaus – Wheatland. DSC00815
Unlike Virginia, it’s flat riding here. The only “hill-climbing” – freeway overpasses.
This was Billie’s first time to see artichokes growing. These were near Salle Farm Stand and were about 5 feet tall.
Miles = 32

Billie in California

Billie flew in today from Roanoke VA for a week of bike riding. Step one was figuring out which bike she would ride. She chose a road bike borrowed from Thais & Lenin. She changed the pedals to match her riding shoes and made a few other fit adjustments.DSC00814

While the cat’s away …

Justin had to go out of town this week for work, so a few temporary changes took place! I moved to the left garage space because my car fit better, especially when the bike rack was down and loaded with bikes.DSC00773
The bikes had plenty of room on the other side!
And, my sewing projects stayed on the kitchen island ALL week!DSC00813

Project Ride Smart

I got a few days work at Witter Ranch Elementary. Pollyanna and Elle were the co-leads of the 3 weeks of classes. Another LCI and I came in to help with blacktop drills and street rides.
ABCQuick Check:
Bikes are lined up while students observe a demonstration of the left-turn drill:
Scan, signal, scan, merge to left lane position, stop signal, stop, scan L-R-L, signal, go according the right-of-way rules. DSC00784
Students were grouped by ability for the street rides. The red group stayed close to or on campus, while yellow, blue and green took to the neighborhood streets for additional instruction and practice for 3 days. DSC00792