Rice farming

Field preparation began in March. The time of year to keep your windows closed and change your walking route.
DSC00948 (1)
Now the fields are being flooded to a depth of 5″ prior to seeding.DSC00940
Water flowed from one field to the next.DSC00934
Farmers watch carefully to maintain the 5″ water depth for the next five months.DSC00927
There were two different crop dusters flying over Justin’s house today. This one flew directly over Justin’s house every 10-15 minutes. DSC00952DSC00953 (1)
There are short landing strips all over the place with a supply truck standing by for reloading.
This has nothing to do with rice, but it’s a pretty good picture of Justin’s walnut trees (on the right side of the driveway only). On April 1, only catkins were visible.DSC00924

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