Field Trip: Tisdale Weir

It’s been raining a lot – a good thing for drought-impacted California. The bypasses haven’t flooded in four years. This week, however, the Sacramento River reached its capacity, water spilled over the weirs designed to take pressure off the levee system. In dry winters and during the dry months, Sacramento Ave cuts across the Sutter Bypass from Hwy 99 and is the most direct route to Woodland:DSC00482
Further north, about 10 miles southeast of the town of Meridian, the Tisdale Weir
DSC00488allows water to spill into the Sutter Bypass which flows parallel to the Sacramento River.

Looking upriver

Looking upriver

Water crossing to the right is going over the weir. The capacity is 38,000 cfs:
Looking downriver.

Looking downriver.

Thanks, Justin, for taking me on this field trip!
Here’s an aerial view of the weir in the summer – a parking lot for the boat ramp:timthumb

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