Work: week 2

We were at Del Paso Elementary this week. This year, we tested only at grade levels TK-K-1. Each teacher was also expected to test 1 or 2 students in their class, so team members also served as a substitute for up to an hour.

My favorite story of the week had to do with first grader Dhritesh (pronounced “dur-TESH”). We gave one test per day so I worked with Dhritesh M-Th. He was delightful, sometimes grabbing my hand as we walked to the testing room or hopping, skipping, and twirling down the hallway. Either way, he talked the entire time. Some excerpts:
Monday: it was such a fantastic tale, I couldn’t follow along.
Tuesday on the way to testing: “When I go to sleep at night, I turn into a vampire.” What do you do all night? “I play outside and have fun. But if bad guys come, I go back inside and get in my bed.” On the way back to class, “Don’t tell my teacher about the vampire.”
Wednesday: “The other Dhritesh is sick today and stayed home.” I’m so glad you’re feeling good and can work with me today. “The other Dhritesh wanted to be here, I will tell him when I get home.”
Thursday: “Yesterday was my birthday. My name is Davey now. I’m six. I had a party and got Batman shoes and a Batman shirt. Look on the back.”
Friday he spotted me, stopped and pointed and very sternly said, “You forgot to come get me today.” Thank you, Dhritesh for making me smile everyday.

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