Sunday task

Yesterday was the car show, tomorrow is a parade and I’m going to drive #7. This is quite the experience for me. #7 is a 1947 fire truck hand-built by Les Crane for the Rio Linda Fire Department. It was (logically) the seventh fire vehicle in our community. This morning Tom Ray taught me how to drive it. I can drive a stick shift but had to learn how to double-clutch and turning corners was arm muscle-building. I was assured that the slight grinding of gears was quite normal. Tom also warned me about slowing down in plenty of time before a stop sign or light. I took every lesson to heart. On the way from Rio Linda to E Nicolaus, I had to stop at Grandpa Bob’s and take Kellen and Odin for a ride around the block. A couple of cousins and a neighborhood friend came along. Thank you Doug for standing on the back bumper and watching for very good behavior.

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