Mind, Body & Spirit Fair

Leone Thorne of Calvary Lutheran Church organized today’s gathering.image
It was a wonderfully cool day, a breeze was blowing and we all had shady spots under big trees. In the future I need to take some table set-up ideas from Sally, Branch Manager.
Nikki Sadek spoke for the pig encouraging everyone to see our new library.image
The local pickleball group (I haven’t played in quite a few months 😦 There are many more people playing now, I need to get back to it.image
I was there for the historical society. Several people took the Rio Linda history quiz. I had to smile when I challenged a couple of people to remember all the answers, come to the Country Fair in September, take the quiz again, get a high score, and have their name posted on the white board of highest scores. And they practiced! Slowly I teach. image
Farmer Deno from The Natomas Farm.image
This event was lightly attended but fun nevertheless.image

One thought on “Mind, Body & Spirit Fair

  1. Hey there Arlete, looks like your Yahoo account was hacked. Or are you really stranded in the Ukraine needing money?
    Hope you are good!

    love, Julie

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