House- and dog-sitting

Maria and Tim went out of town for the holidays and I stayed on after the Japanese dinner to take care of Sadie and pace the floors as I continued to deal with the boat problem. There were days full of activity, then days when nothing happened at all which was almost more worrisome. A local guy, Phil, was recommended by the local government agency as someone to trust. Not having any other options, I went along with Phil’s plan. He pumped the water out daily, then floated the boat enough to get it out to his mooring. The patches he put on the holes didn’t hold very well and daily pumping continued. Phil wanted to buy the boat himself and told me he’d get one of his friends to invest. However, nothing ever panned out.

I continued to court potential buyers by email and phone. Some anonymous person posted a ridiculous message on Craigslist with a picture of our boat saying federal agents were about to seize the boat as part of a $1 million bankruptcy and fraud case. I filed a harassment complaint and it was removed within 24 hours. Interestingly, at that point, Phil stopped communicating with me despite daily phone calls, voicemail messages, and emails from me. Darn, now what?

On a positive note, I was also maintaining intermittent contact with Chad from Maui. He really wanted the boat but had limited funds to work with. On Dec 22, he told me his mom, Bonnie, offered to help him if he would take her see all the islands when the boat was restored. Now we were moving forward. Was there a bit of light now at the end of the tunnel?

On Dec 23, I had a deposit in the bank, booked a (very expensive last-minute) ticket to Kauai, found a good place for Sadie (Maria’s daughter Leslie to the rescue), emailed Maria in Ixtapa Mexico, and contacted my good friend Pat in Lihue (yes, I could stay with her).

Poor Sadie, I’m not a good dog-sitter and she let me know in her own special doggy way.

Adrienne came up one day/night for a visit and we went out for dinner in Nevada City and this is the only picture I took. Me not taking pictures? Sheesh, my head is not on straight right now.

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