Disaster strikes!

As we sat down to dinner at Thais & Lenin’s, I got a phone call. A storm had blown through Kauai and our catamaran had broken loose from its mooring in the harbor. The wind pushed it up the Huleia Stream. It scraped the inner rock jetty creating 3 small holes in the port hull and  came to rest on a sandbar and filled up with water  waist- to chest-deep.



A Good Samaritan, Jude and his wife, stepped in to try to save the boat.  These are the pictures he took.



He put a temporary patch on but it still leaked.





And rented a big pump from Home Depot.  His actions were heroic to me and I was very grateful, but eventually he had to step back and out of the picture. It was important to keep the local government officials happy and they didn’t know him.



As many of you have already realized, I’m way behind when writing this blog.(Maybe a good new year’s resolution for 2014 to post in a more timely fashion?) So, I’m actually composing this on Dec 17. Let me tell you! The last 19 days have been a nightmarish stressful roller coaster ride. And there’s no clear resolution yet. There will be a final report … soon I hope … please.

One thought on “Disaster strikes!

  1. We have been remiss in following any of our cruising friends for some time as we focused on our own ‘stuff’ at home….So sorry to read of the roller coaster ride you’ve been on dealing with all the damage! But we do hope in the midst of all this you will still have a special Christmas with family and friends to support you. Carol and Kelly
    SV INTREPID II (still on the hard in San Carlos, sadly)

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