Retired teachers luncheon

Everyone here worked for the Rio Linda Union School District for most of their careers. In 2007, RLUSD merged with 3 other school districts to become Twin Rivers Unified. A very nice venue at Northridge Country Club and the food was great.

Lots of fun to see colleagues and friends. Georgene in navy sweater:

Adrienne and Susie:

Linda and Kathy:

Retired teachers’ luncheon

The people who attend are all retired from Rio Linda Union School District (or Twin Rivers USD if it was after 2003). The group is definitely shrinking as we all keep getting older.

Northridge Country Club

Ade, Jim Potter

Linda, Kathy

Kay Potter, Diane O’Brien

Georgene Cooper, Terry Barto

50th anniversary party

Congratulations Bill and Ann Brooks.
Family and friends – a lot of us worked together as teachers in the Rio Linda Union School District – which no longer exists, it blended into Twin Rivers Unified.

Kathleen Fairwell, Kathy & Dennis Wymore

Val Sills, Susan and Mike Rieff

Ron Chaix, Rich Schmidt, Ray Willett

Rich and Diane Schmidt, Val

Bill Brooks (standing), at right his mother

Dinner at Linda’s

Linda invited a few friends over for dinner.

Adrienne, Val, Linda

Kathy W, Linda, Kathy F

Kathy W, Adrienne, Linda, Val

Linda’s husband Ron buys and sells sports memorabilia. A display of vintage bats:
Thank you Linda for having all of us over. Dinner was delicious.

Val & Chuck’s summer party

An annual event that everyone totally enjoys. Almost everyone is a retired teacher/employee from Rio Linda Union School District, before or somewhat after it morphed into Twin Rivers Unified School District.

Carole Jennings, Georgene Cooper, Terry Wood, Kathleen Fairwell

Wendy Wood, Shirley DeGooyer

Maxine Pohan, Kathy Wymore

Jean Zeleski, Ann Brooks

Linda Chaix, me

Thank you Rich Jennings and Lance DeGooyer for being barbecue masters:Thank you Val for having this party every year. Every single person absolutely loves it!

Summer Party

at Val and Chuck’s house.The grill masters, Lance DeGooyer and Rich Jennings.L-R: Ron Chaix, Ray Willett, John Zeleski, Chuck, Mike Rieff. And the back of Bill Brooks’ head.Listening to Mike: Sue Rieff, Linda Chaix, Bill Brooks, Carole Jennings.Joan and Ray Willett, Chuck and Val.Carole, Mike and Sue.Linda talking with Jan “the school nurse”.Thank you, Val. It was, as always, a great party!

Party at Val’s

Almost everyone at the party was a retired teacher or staff person of some sort in the now-extinct Rio Linda Union School District or the current Twin Rivers Unified School District.

Mary Turner, Darlene Smudski, Linda Chaix, Carole Jennings

Mary Turner, Darlene Smudski, Linda Chaix, Carole Jennings

Susie Cairns, Adrienne Clark

Susie Cairns, Adrienne Clark

Thank you, Chuck (Val’s husband) for being the barbecue griller.
Chuck Wolk, Rich Turner

Chuck Wolk, Rod Turner

Georgene Cooper, Jeanne Regello

Georgene Cooper, Jeanne Regello

Ron Chaix, Bill Brooks, Ray Willett's back, John Zeleski

Ron Chaix, Bill Brooks, Ray Willett’s back, John Zeleski

Ann Brooks, Kathy Wymore, Linda Chaix

Ann Brooks, Kathy Wymore, Linda Chaix

Val, Bill Brooks

Val, Bill Brooks

Mike Wade, Adrienne, Val

Mike Wade, Adrienne, Val

Thank you Val and Chuck for hosting this annual event and helping everyone to stay in touch.DSC01717And version #2 of the Ocean frozen vodka turned out better that attempt #1 – hurray!DSC01690

Get-together with friends

We met at Adrienne’s. We are all retired teachers from RLUSD/TRUSD, except Ellen was a speech therapist. All of us did CELDT testing last September/October, except for Linda who works part-time as a teacher for home-schoolers. Back row L-R: Val, Adrienne, Georgene, Linda, Ellen. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Terrible picture. I need a new camera, but being the terrible shopper I am, it’s taking a long time.