Urban Cycling – final class

The star pupils were Fayzah and her family. They came to every class and their skills and confidence noticeably improved. Huge thanks to Cesar and Deb from SABA for their support. I couldn’t have done this class without them.

Ahmed, Cesar, Fayzah, Maryam, Isa, Deb

There were plenty of goodies handed out at the end. Bells and front and rear lights which Cesar immediately installed on every bike. And U-locks and cables!

This was a fun class to teach and I learned we’re going to offer it again in the fall.

Urban Cycling: meeting 2

Hurray! We were able to meet in person this morning at Neil Orchard Senior Center in Rancho Cordova. Cesar from SABA was a great addition. One of his skill areas is bike mechanics, therefore greatly appreciated by me. While 8 people signed up for the free class, only 1 showed up – Fayzah.

The good news, Fayzah’s three kids came to the class also.

Urban Cycling Class

For the last few months, I’ve been working periodically on a project for SABA: a 6-hour Urban Cycling Class for residents in Rancho Cordova. Then Covid-19 interrupted everything. We transitioned to an online class. The first one was today.

Figuring out how to conduct a Zoom class with a Keynote presentation was challenging. In fact, I hope we can do the next 5 classes in person with really good social distancing, a portable voice amplifier (like tour guides use), and whatever else we need to do to be safe and keep me from tackling another Zoom presentation. Fingers crossed.