Rio Linda Country Fair Parade

From the point of view of the driver. Matt, Pastor Kirsten’s husband, sat in the truck bed and rang the bell.
After the parade was over, the bell was unloaded.
I pulled off all the decorations.
By mid-afternoon, I was on my way to Adrienne’s in Rocklin to get ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

Loading the bell

After work on Friday, I got Justin’s truck washed and met a crew at Calvary to load the bell for the Country Fair Parade tomorrow morning.
Then I parked the truck in Leone and Don Thorne’s back yard. A different group of people came over to decorate it.

Religious experience

So, today was the Blessing of the Animals at church. Hmmmm … I think I should check on the walnuts instead. Beautiful weather, quiet pastoral setting, peacefulness, animals on the other side of the fence.
I’m so glad to have a wagon and the Weasel Nut Gatherer. The tree branches are so low to the ground that stooping is still required – along with banging your head on a branch every now and then.
There weren’t too many walnuts on the ground but look up!
Prying off the green husk results in brown-stained fingers:
Hanging by a thread:

19 pounds. The season begins!!

Vacation Bible School

I did the story-telling portion of Vacation Bible School this week. Last week, I covered empty cardboard boxes with plastic tablecloths that looked like stone walls and went on an Amazon shopping spree which included a realistic 14″ fire – how else would the bread bake?
Monday opening. We had a small group this year.
Tuesday: Mary and Martha. Martha works hard:While Mary watched movie trailers and ate popcorn. Not fair!
Wednesday: sometimes army-crawling or rolling under the pews was more interesting. Sigh.
Friday. The end.


I’m helping Bob and Joann Batten at Calvary with the children’s Christmas program on Dec 24 at Calvary Lutheran Church. Joann wrote the story and Bob is working on many songs and solos. I’m working on the costumes – probably a dream job in another lifetime. This is the first of two Saturday morning rehearsals.