Bridgeway Island Bike Club

EVERYone in the bike club wanted to ride to the levee near the Port of Sacramento. Jim Brown researched the best route and led our group of 17 kids and 3 adults.

There are some great dirt paths, but the big attraction were the jumps.
There were some heart stopping moments

and a couple of tumbles.
and they all want to do it again next week.

One boy crashed twice and his bike was totally messed up. I felt so bad for him, I offered to get his bike fixed. I knew I could ask my neighbor Ray Krause if he would do it. Ray said YES!

Bike Rodeo

at River City High School in West Sacramento this morning. I set up the skills course.

Three bike club members from Bridgeway Island came to help.

Aaron and Matthew

Matthew won one of the raffle prizes:
Julie Williams led a bike ride along the Clarksburg Branch Trail:
Julie Williams, Ella’s dad, Deb Banks/SABA, bike club member Ella, Molly/WALKSacramento: