Volunteers’ dinner

All the volunteers for Party Pardee were invited to New Roma Pizza as a thank-you from Bike Hikers.Another fun get-together. Very good pizza. And it’s nice to be appreciated.The co-chairs of Party Pardee, Becky and Joyce:A shorter podium and better backlighting is needed next year. Right, Becky?

Party Pardee

I spent last night at Becky and Rick’s house which is about halfway between E Nicolaus and Ione where Party Pardee begins and ends. This event, its 25th year, is put on by Bike Hikers and is the first big ride of the season. There were 1258 riders and 216 volunteers. I was up at 4:30 this morning and at Rest Stop #1 by 6:30. We were located in the large parking lot of a church with a view of Lake Camanche in the distance. Bike racks and lots of porta-potties.Tents and tables were set up then the fruit-cutting began.By 8 am, we were ready for the first riders.Great music at our rest stop.At our most crowded time:By 11:30, most of the riders on the short route had come through our rest stop. We were down to one table of food! Time to pack up and clean up!SAG picked up those riders who couldn’t make it.The last to go in – bags of trash. Whew! Done. What a great day. Everyone seemed to have lots of fun.But we’re not done yet. Back in Ione at Howard Park, lunch was being served.Chicken fajitas.Happy volunteers:Outside there were 30 or so vendors:Gina Silvernale, fellow LCI and friend:What a tremendously successful event. Good job Bike Hikers!And remember:

Fun Alley Tour

Larry Robinson was the ride leader (far right) for this Bike Hikers ride. We started at the Guy West Bridge near Sac State.We stayed on low-traffic streets when not riding through an alley – a good thing since this group tends to take over at least one lane of traffic and does a terrible job of following the rules of the road. As an LCI who DOES what I teach others, this is disheartening. Problem areas: stopping at stop signs, stopping when the traffic light turns yellow, yielding to pedestrians, following first-come, first-served right of way rule, riding more than 2-wide, riding left of the center line.The turnaround point was in Old Sacramento. A view of what locals are calling the Darth Vader Building:This is the nicest and friendliest group of people ever, but I wish I could help them improve their bicycling-in-traffic skills. However, one other Bike Hiker, also concerned about safety, told me they are “uneducable.” =(

Nevertheless, this ride was a lot of fun. Larry was a great ride leader. We rode a total of 17 miles through all kinds of alleys. One of my favorites was Eggplant Alley. Later Justin told me all the alleys have names now although there are very few signs. The best art work was downtown on Kayak, near K St.

Bike Hikers ride

I joined Bike Hikers last September, then came my bike crash and recovery. Today I did my first ride with the club. The Tuesday “easy rider” ride had quite a few participants. About half of the easy riders are also quite fast, they left the turn-around point before the slower riders got there. Such a friendly group of people. I will do this again.dsc04948Miles=20

Bike Hikers Awards Banquet

169 people attended this event at Hilton Sacramento Arden West.dsc04763The top three riders were all women and rode over 10,000 miles with Bikers Hikers in 2016. Awards were also given to ride leaders, like Kathy Wright who was at our table:dsc04761Lots of raffle prizes, this one was amazing:dsc04759

Project Ride Smart – final week

Hurray! Classroom instruction and blacktop drills have been completed. Students were divided into skill groups. I worked with those students who needed more practice riding on the bike trail with minimal on-street instruction. In this group, the three students to the right LEARNED how to ride a bike for the first time after coming to both after-school coaching sessions. The young man at the left made an excellent “sweep” rider and assistant coach.dsc03917dsc03918Most bicycle crashes are the result of driver error … Tristan didn’t quite make the turn and landed on the rocks. His classmates quickly went to help him – it was great to see how encouraging they were.dsc03920Gina and I combined our yellow and red groups when we were short on volunteers to ride with us.dsc03921You can never tell what children will think the highlight of the day was. After this class, several happily proclaimed they drank “doggy water”. The fountains for humans provided not a drop, but the doggy faucet worked great. Some kids were surprised they could cup their hands and get a pretty good drink.dsc03936A big thank-you to Bike Hikers Becky, Joyce, and Kathy who came out on Thursday to ride with us! dsc03927A special thank-you to Kathy for being so gracious to observant ten-year-olds whose mouths dropped open when she rolled through the first stop sign. She apologized to each of them. dsc03929Another successful Project Ride Smart. dsc03939

Bike Hikers monthly meeting

Bike Hikers is a great local bicycle club with a reputation for being fun, social, and welcoming. Through Phyllis and her long-time friend Kathy – a former Bike Hiker club president – I met Becky who asked me to speak to their club about traffic safety from the point of view of an LCI. dsc03199dsc03195I also talked a lot about Project Ride Smart and invited anyone interested to volunteer to ride in the next session I’m teaching.fullsizerenderFun evening! And I ran into Clara McCoy, a friend from my teaching days – that was plenty of incentive to join Bike Hikers myself.