SABA staff meeting

We’ve been meeting bi-weekly in various Sacramento parks. Today at Albert Winn. The leaf-blower guy had been buzzing loudly around the perimeter of the park and it was hard to hear each other speak. Then he came to our section and “graciously” slowed down the noise to the point that we really couldn’t hear each other at all. We paused, watched, and waited. Smile.

Tarantula attack!

Avery was attacked by a giant crocheted tarantula while visiting the other day.

I crocheted this spider over the past two weeks. The legs, arms and fangs have a wire structure inside so the legs can be bent. Sophia learned how to make a starting loop, chain and single crochet!

Bikes rides

Tuesday. What’s left of Natomas Airfield:

Houses are being built all around it:
Thursday. Lorraine and I rode 11 miles. I showed her the pigs in Witter Ranch Park:
Then we checked out Hummingbird Park where we met John who was trying to learn how to ride his bike. I gave him a quick lesson .. with his mother’s approval.

I had a very good riding week. 5 days, 102 miles!