Small flood and new windshield

Thank goodness I was home (but out in the garage) when the new washing machine overflowed on the first rinse cycle of the first load. The installers returned immediately to check their work. It wasn’t their fault, but rather something in the wall. Uh-oh.Water onto the tile floor was easily mopped up but water also seeped out the back wall into the bedroom hallway. And it stayed wet all weekend.The builder began repairs right away. A cap on one of the pipes had not been removed, a T-pipe inside the wall would have to be replaced.For 2 days, loud fans and a dehumidifier blurred out all other sounds.And I had the second windshield replaced on the Subaru in 15 months. Grrr.

First project completed

To get ready for Vacation Bible School at the end of July, I cut out lots of pictures, glued them onto foam board, and cut out the shapes again with a utility knife.Coolers and styrofoam boxes covered with “stone” plastic table covers will be fortress walls. The washing machine NOT in the laundry room is the subject of the next blog post 😦Crown and Ark of the Covenant finished:

“Grandma, can we …

ride the Yuba Mundo to the park?” Avery was so good about giving hand signals as we ride. When I gave a turn signal, he usually told me he’d been doing that signal for a long time. He made friends with a friendly dog and its owner. Back at home:And somebody got a new Pepsi lip balm.

Swim practice

While Sophia is at the swim team practice, Avery gets a lot of swim practice in his corner of the pool.He practices all the strokes including freestyle.I like to sit at the edge with my feet in the water (it’s SO hot out there) and provide a leg to grab onto. Avery also likes to sit on both feet and be “launched.”

Summer Party

at Val and Chuck’s house.The grill masters, Lance DeGooyer and Rich Jennings.L-R: Ron Chaix, Ray Willett, John Zeleski, Chuck, Mike Rieff. And the back of Bill Brooks’ head.Listening to Mike: Sue Rieff, Linda Chaix, Bill Brooks, Carole Jennings.Joan and Ray Willett, Chuck and Val.Carole, Mike and Sue.Linda talking with Jan “the school nurse”.Thank you, Val. It was, as always, a great party!