Penn Valley

On Monday morning I drove, first to Adrienne’s to pick up a new batch of Joe Pickett books, and then to Maria’s in Penn Valley. She made a great lunch and we visited all afternoon.

We went to the clubhouse to watch Monday Night Football, had a great meal and great conversation with friends Joy and Penelope … so much fun that I didn’t even think about taking a picture … until the next morning as I drove home in a pretty good rainstorm. Hurray for California.

So much fun. Thank you Maria! And … what a surprise I found when I opened this box:

Maria sent me home with a jigsaw puzzle, which I promptly dumped onto a kitchen counter. Omg – big chunks of put-together puzzle pieces and a baggie with all the edges. This will save me a lot of time. I never do this when I pass on a puzzle. In fact, I’m quite careful to separate every single puzzle piece before it goes back in the box.

2 thoughts on “Penn Valley

  1. What a treat it was to spend Monday evening with you, Maria and Penelope! What fabulous stories were told! Please visit again soon!

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